Here are some questions you may want to consider before hiring a professional interpreter.

What type of interpreting service do I need?

There are different types of interpreting services. Which one you should use will depend on the type of event that you are organising:

– Simultaneous interpreting. This mode is ideal for conferences, seminars and congresses. The speech is relayed to delegates in real time. The interpreter works from an acoustically isolated booth equipped with headphones and microphone.

– Consecutive. This mode is used in press conferences and interviews, performances and product presentations, small meetings, official lunches and dinners, etc. The interpreter listens to the  speech, which pauses from time to time, and relays the message after it is spoken.

– Whispered simultaneous interpreting (also known as chuchotage). The interpreter, who is situated behind the target language listener/s, whispers the translated message.

– Telephone interpreting. Conducted via telephone in those cases when meeting in person is not possible for the people taking part.


How much does an interpreter cost?

Naturally the cost of your interpreting services will depend on various factors. Including the duration of the service, the languages involved, the place where the event is going to be held, etc.
If you would like a quotation, give us a call and tell us about your requirements, so we can give you a quote totally free of charge.


Can you provide interpreters with specialised/technical knowledge?

Thanks to our worldwide network of professional interpreters, we are able to find the most appropriate interpreter for you.  The interpreters will be specialised in the specific field to be discussed at your meeting, and familiar with the topics and terminology discussed. This will avoid any misunderstanding or confusion during the event.

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How can I get the simultaneous interpreting equipment?

We can take care of all your technical needs. From interpreting booths to microphones, headsets, transmission systems, interpreter consoles, mixers, recording devices, etc. as well as trained technical staff. You won´t have to worry about a thing!


Will the details of the meeting remain confidential?

Definitely! All of our interpreters sign confidentiality agreements before doing any interpreting job. The information and ideas discussed at your event will be completely protected and secure.


Are your interpreter services available outside the UK?

Yes. Wherever you are, we’ll be there. For interpreting services in a foreign country, your assigned interpreter will either assist you during the entire trip, including travel, or he/she can meet you at the event. Our network of interpreters is worldwide, which allows us to adapt our services to your needs and to provide the most convenient option for you.


Why should I choose Lingua Translations?

Because there are many factors that make us different from other translation and interpreting companies, and that ensure you will get the best quality services.
Unlike most translation and interpreting companies, which are created with money in mind, Lingua Translations was founded by translators. Linguists, who believe, understand, and love languages and the multilingual communication industry.
Using tough admission procedures, we only employ professionals with a minimum of 5 years of experience. These professionals have university qualifications and a proven background in their field.
Our awards stand as proof of our high-quality services.


Do you have any other questions about our interpreting services?  Please let us know by contacting +44 (0)1792 469990 or

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