FIFA World Cup 2018

football-300x115The domestic football season has ended we now know our national champions for the year. Next up are the finals of the Champions League and some domestic tournaments. This can only mean 1 thing now – the internationals are approaching! The FIFA world cup is 1 month away!

Every 4 years the World Cup arrives and although the home nations aren’t as represented as they were 2 years ago in the Euros, the countries are gearing up for an exciting month of football in Russia.

As hosts, Russia have the first game on the 14th June against Saudi Arabia, with the final of the tournament on the 15th July. We at Lingua Translations are gearing up for an exciting summer of sport (let’s not forget Roland Garros and Wimbledon are approaching too!)

Russia 2018

The group stage:

Group ARussiaSaudi ArabiaEgyptUruguay
Group BPortugalSpainMoroccoIR Iran
Group CFranceAustraliaPeruDenmark
Group DArgentinaIcelandCroatiaNigeria
Group EBrazilSwitzerlandCosta RicaSerbia
Group FGermanyMexicoSwedenSouth Korea
Group GBelgiumPanamaTunisiaEngland
Group HPolandSenegalColombiaJapan


These are the 32 countries competing for the greatest award in football. 4 years ago, in Brazil the final was Argentina vs Germany, with Germany taking home the championship. Argentina are back with a vengeance and will be trying their best to take the trophy home, especially as this is likely to be Lionel Messi’s final world cup. Brazil will also be looking to get back some pride after an awful beating by Germany in the last world cup. The home defeat was not the plan for what is thought to be one of the greatest footballing nations in the world.

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Can we expect much from England this year? It’s been 52 years since England took the trophy home with them (I know I sound like Rose from Titanic there! – it’s been that long!). Every tournament there is optimism followed by a sense of dread that we won’t make it out of the group stage… England should make it out of this group, but who’s to say how much further. It would be great to see them do well, but hey, we’re a bit more pessimistic about England than our parents/ grandparents were 52 years ago!


Any shockers here?

Well Italy didn’t make it through! We were all a bit shocked about that bombshell! Spain Vs Portugal in Group B could be very interesting. Spain were on a very good winning streak in the earlier part of the decade – winning the euros twice in a row and the world cup. Then along came Germany to take the World Cup 4 years ago, and Portugal winning the Euros 2 years ago. David De Gea vs Christiano Ronaldo… This could be very exciting indeed. Morocco and Iran might just struggle a bit to get out of that group, unless there’s a massive shock!


So, who will you be supporting? With the premier league as it is, our club teams have players from all over the world! Will this help the English? Our boys will know a bit about the teams they are playing against as they spend 9 months playing with them each year. They’ll know their weaknesses and their strengths… but can they capitalise?

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Being an international event, you can expect most things to be in English, but we’re a translation company and we love languages, so here’s some helpful lingo if you want to ‘blend’ into the crowds in Russia!

Bolelschik [болельщик]Football fan
fanat[фанат]Football fan
mundial[мундиаль]World Cup
Match [матч]Match
Arbitr [арбитр] / sudya[судья]Referee
Gorchichnik [горчичник]Yellow card
Myach [мяч]Ball
Gol [гол]Goal
Champion [чемпион]Winner
Vratar [вратарь]Goalkeeper
Poluzaschitnik  [полузащитник]Midfielder
Napadayuschy [нападающий]Forward
Gde nakhoditsya stadion? [где находится стадион]Where is the stadium?
Kto igraet? [кто играет]Who is playing?
Kakoy schyot? [какой счёт]What’s the score?
Kto vyigral? [кто выиграл]Who is the winner?
Za kogovyboleete? [за кого вы болеете]Which team do you support



Bring on a great summer of sport!