I was hoping that my first blog in ages would not be commonplace and would be stripped of ‘clichés’, however as it also happens to be the last one, I cannot help but to summarise my thoughts in a single phrase: It is hard to believe this experience is coming to an end!

It honestly seems like yesterday that the phone rang for my interview with Lingua Translations, leaving me beyond excited, though slightly unsure about what Underground line to take to get to Swansea Marina (that excitement we were talking about?)

Here I am today, almost two years after, about to take the next step in my career. For today, that includes tidying up my desk, wrapping up project folders and writing a farewell to you all. My list of ‘thank you-s’ is LONG but I’ll make a sincere effort to include all the wonderful people I have met with during my employment.

I’ve had a great time working with everyone at Lingua Translations and I have had the luck to be surrounded by talented and passionate individuals. I would like to say a big thank you to my first two teams, it’s been lovely working (and partying!) with you! Thank you for your support while I was still a newbie, and for all your hard work and positive energy. You have made my experience as a Project Manager unique and rewarding. Lauren, Estrella, Laura, Jacqs, Michela, Alex, Elisio, Tomasso, Katie, Chloe, Cristina – it’s been lovely to meet you!

Moving to my experience as a Senior Project Manager, I cannot but refer to my present team of colleagues with a smile in my face. To the PMs, this might be the one time that I am not addressing you with a request/project brief/spreadsheet/report/meeting invitation/whatever else comes to my mind at any given time, but to say infinite thanks instead for all your efforts, especially for bearing up with me – that requires some effort indeed! Thank you Llinos for being a joy to work with and for making the office a happier place. Rob and Adrian, thanks for all your help and support with various projects and for making my role as a ‘supervisor’ more or less obsolete. Wonderful Alicia, Sara and Giulia, what can I say about your progress and performance during these months? I am sure you have a long way to go and a brilliant career ahead of you!

To the rest of my colleagues: Becky, dear, it has been lovely working with you and I am sure clients would say the same. Danika, you are an absolute star, sorry for not writing more blogs for you, Leanne and Nicole, all the best to you lovely ladies, it’s been lovely to meet you indeed! Jo…who will I have to update me about exclusive brand offers and polka dotty things in between projects now? I will sure miss you dearly!

A special thank you is reserved for Lingua Translations Finance director, Terry, for being on hand to advise me about all sorts of things and for supplying the office with chocolate!

Another invaluable part of the team who I won’t forget is the freelance translators and interpreters. Project Management can be a tough job when you have lots of projects with tight deadlines, but this job is made so much easier and enjoyable with hard working and reliable freelancers! Thank you Aleksandr, Anke, Antonio, Christina, Floriane, Gaby, Grae, Hermine, Ignacio, Jean-Claude, Jean-Pierre, Kitty, Klaus, Leonardo, Marjette, Olivier, Patrick, Ralf, Sandrine…[the list is endless]. You have made my work much easier with your diligence and efficiency and I hope to always have the chance to work with as reliable collaborators as yourselves.

All the best to all the lovely customers I got to liaise with. It has been a real pleasure working with you.

Finally, a big thank you to Sharon for giving me this opportunity and welcoming me into your company. Over the past years I’ve gained valuable skills and a broad understanding of the translation industry. To add to this, I’ve worked with a fantastic team of in-house staff and freelancers and I’m coming away with some great friends!

It has been an absolute pleasure working with all of you! Bye for now…

Maria Ampelourgou

Goodbye and Good luck Maria, we’ll be sad to see you go! Lots of love from us all at Lingua Translations!