So, after Polish, Chinese, Finnish, and Italian it’s now time for some German tongue twisters. Anyone who has ever been to a speech therapist will know what I’m talking about. Even if you’re not trying to practice your pronunciation, give them a go, because it’s always funny to listen to the nonsense you’re saying! Let’s start with the most famous example: “Fischers Fritz fischt frische Fische, frische Fische fischt Fischers Fritz.“ (“Fischer’s Fritz fishes fresh fish, fresh fish is fished by Fischer’s Fritz”).

Also well known is: “Brautkleid bleibt Brautkleid und Blaukraut bleibt Blaukraut.“ (“A Wedding dress stays a wedding dress and red cabbage stays red cabbage”), or “Bierbrauer Braun braut Braunbier, Braunbier braut Brauer Braun.“ (“Brewer Braun brews dark beer, dark beer is brewed by brewer Braun”).

Anyone who wants to try something new should try the following:
Tick, Trick und Track trippeln treppauf und treppab. Treppauf und Treppab trippeln Tick, Trick und Track.“ (Tick, Trick and Track are scampering upstairs and downstairs. Upstairs and downstairs Tick, Trick and Track are scampering.) or “Auf dem Rasen rasen rasche Ratten rasche Ratten rasen auf dem Rasen“ (“On the lawn quick rats are running around, quick rats are running around on the lawn”).

As almost every region of Germany has its own accent, many of them have their own tongue twisters. First of all a Swabian one: “Es leit ä Gletzle Blei glei bei Blaibäura, glei bei Blaibäura leit ä Gletzle Blei”(“A block of lead is at Blaubeurens’, At Blaubeurens’ is a block of lead”)

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Here’s one from Palatinate: “Die Woch hots Teleringel gfont, donn bin ich die raas runnergetreppt un batsch wedder die bums gedeert.“ (This week the telephone rang, then I ran downstairs and smashed against the door). This one is pretty difficult too! “A Mamaladenammala hamma zwar a ana dahamm, aba a Rhabarbamamalaad hamma kanna“ (We also have a jam jar at home but we don’t have rhubarb jam).

After reading this article, try to say “Möwe” (Seagull) about ten times as fast as you can! Good luck!seagull