Spring is around the corner (honestly!) and some of you lucky people may be planning a trip to Holland to enjoy the tulips, cycle paths and canals.

It is always worth considering how you are going to get around when travelling abroad and a trip to Holland is no exception. So let’s consider the train:

Holland has an extensive and modern rail network with First and Second class carriage options generally available. It is worth nothing that no seats can be booked on the standard rush hour trains in the Randstad area (Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht) so considering a First class ticket is essential if you want a seat.

Dutch Rail train

The Dutch Rail is an excellent option for getting around when visiting Holland

Fast trains are available every hour from Rotterdam to Amsterdam on weekdays. The journey only takes 45 minutes and is well worth considering if you are hoping to take in the two cities in one trip to Holland. Buying a ticket for the fast train automatically guarantees you a seat.

For the night owls and party animals who want to experience the Dutch nightlife, the night trains in Holland run every hour through the night.

Tickets for the Dutch Rail are available at kiosks and ticket machines in the train stations and at Schipol airport. OV chip cards allowing access to all the public transport systems in Holland are also available and can be bought in train stations, bus terminals and the bigger supermarkets.

Hand luggage that will fit under your seat or in the overhead luggage compartments can be taken on the Dutch rail trains and rental lockers are available in the larger stations.

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Essential travel vocabulary for getting around in Holland:

Nederlands Spoorweg– Netherlands Railway

Nachttreinen– Night trains

Bagage– Luggage

Spoorkaart– Rail map

Reis informatie– Travel information

Tarieven– rates

OV chipkaart– OV chip card

Have you been to Holland? Let us know how you got on and your experience of the Nederlands Spoorweg!

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