As reported by the BBC News, the Ministry of Justice was today branded as ‘shambolic’ by a committee of MP’s over a contract for language services in England and Wales.

Soon after the contract to provide translation services for victims, witnesses and defendants was outsourced in early 2012 it ran into difficulties with interpreters failing to turn up, leading to cancelled trials and others mistranslated evidence.

The committee said the Ministry of Justice had not had a sufficient understanding of the complexities of court interpreting and translation work before it decided to put the services out to tender.

“The Ministry of Justice’s handling of the outsourcing of court interpreting services has been nothing short of shambolic,” committee chairman Sir Alan Beith said.

There have been “dramatic improvements” since the initial problems however it illustrates how choosing the right language partner is vital for your organisation.

Lingua Translations work to ensure that issues such as this do not affect their clients, taking the time to ensure that translation and interpretation solutions are provided in a way that works in synergy with the client organisation. Lingua Translations provide a free professional consultation process to ensure that clients get the very best service including a dedicated project manager for the duration of the project and the best linguists in the business.

Lingua Translations is an ISO accredited multi-award winning organisation with clients including the NHS, BBC and Manchester United. All of their 5,000 translators have a degree and at least five years experience , translate exclusively into their native language and have proven and significant experience translating in the client sector.

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