First and foremost I would like to thank the team here at Lingua Translations for allowing me to do my work experience with them! I have certainly learnt more than I ever thought I would have over the past five days.

The whole week for me has been a massive learning curve! I’ve been taught many, many different things! On the first day when I arrived, I wrote my first ever blog and began to discover languages that I’d never even heard of! I’d learnt about the different types of translation and interpretation. I then learnt how to create quotations and search for translators and interpreters using online databases.

Over the week, I was given an insight into the social media side of the company. I helped to find different news articles, which were related to foreign languages and shared them on Lingua Translations’ Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter pages. I also used different types of word counting software for the first time

I soon began to realise how much work, time and effort goes into a translation and interpretation agency. It wasn’t until I met with the Finance Director that I became aware of the amount of companies worldwide that use Lingua Translations to translate brochures, magazines, leaflets, birth certificates and so on! The list is almost endless!
On my final day, I was issued with a French to English translation. Although challenging, I thoroughly enjoyed the task that was set for me!

The week here at Lingua Translations has helped me massively! I have learnt so much about the industry, what they do and the way that they operate! I can’t thank the company enough!

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