Happy St David’s Day from all at Lingua Translations!

St David’s day is very special to us in Lingua Translations as we are based in Wales and St David is our patron saint. Personally it is my favourite day of the year as it feels as though it is the start of Spring as the daffodils are starting to explode across the country.  The first bit of colour we have seen since last summer!

My children attend a Welsh School so they have a whole week of Welsh adventures so here are photos of my three children getting in the spirit.

I have previously spoken about the Eisteddfod and St David’s Day traditions last week, but today I’d like to give you a little bit more history about the day and its significance.

St David was a Welsh bishop in the 6th century, whose emblem is the dove. His symbol, which is also the symbol of Wales, is the leek. He is said to have died on March 1st, which is now St David’s Day.

Dewi Sant (the Welsh translation of St David, for those in the know) was said to have performed his best-known miracle at the Synod of Brefi. When some of his congregation were unable to hear his preaching, he is said to have risen up upon a new hill, to enable them to hear him better.

Although St David’s Day is a Christian holiday, the day has come to represent a sort of “Welsh Pride” day, and St David’s Day is celebrated by most Welsh people, regardless of faith.

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