Selecting a translator to translate your website could be one of the most important decisions make in marketing your business and decisions should not be made lightly.

With many internet users being put off purchasing from badly translated websites, and with 53% of EU internet users opting to purchase from a website in their native language, it is in your interest to have your website translated to the highest quality possible and talk to advisors who know what’s what. Your website is your identity, never forget this and opt for a low quality option because it is cheaper, it will be a sure fire way of having a negative impact on your company, and will probably end up costing you more in the long run.

If you are planning on getting your translation done through an agency but are nervous about who they will use to do your translation, be sure you cover all concerns with them and ask for their vetting procedures. Any agency that will provide you with a high quality translation will not use any translators with under 5 years experience in the field of website translation, steer away from any really cheap agencies as they will likely be using translators with no experience or student translators. A trustworthy agency will suggest the following:

Sample translations


Offer CV’s of the translators

Conference calls with the translators

Uploading of the text onto your CRM

Final check over of the text before the website goes live

A website translator will need specialist skills that a translator experienced in another field, such as legal, may not necessarily have. They will normally require marketing experience, however, there is certainly no ‘one size fits all’ for website translation. Your company would have put a lot of time and money into writing their website to ensure the meaning that they want comes across and grabs the attention of their target audience. Why lose all this hard work and effort put into the chosen language when translating your website into a foreign language, especially when it is so simple to keep it the same, providing certain measures are adhered to. It is perfectly acceptable to expect that your website will have the same tone and style in the foreign language, it just means that you need to find an agency and translator who will tailor the translation to your needs and listen to you.

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The website translation will require special skill sets that comes with familiarity and experience of the linguists involved. It is recommended that your agency and translator will have web design knowledge, and be familiar with html and SEO (search engine optimisation). Many of our translators at Lingua Translations are actually existing or ex web developers, so the language they use is tailored to the company requirements. Optimizing a website may involve editing its content, HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. Understanding the language of the internet is vital, it will not be the same as an academic book or an instruction manual per se. The language of the internet changes more rapidly than any other means of communication and so the translator will need to be fully immersed in the terminology used on the WWW.

Website translations are an important aspect of your marketing procedures, and it is important to take the time to listen to and understand the process, giving enough time for the translator to complete the website before it goes live and work with an agency who is patient and experienced so that you get the best consultation out there.

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