Targeting international markets is the key to success for many businesses. In order for it to be successful, the right steps need to be taken. This may include your company’s website translation , media related documents, informative documents, instruction manuals etc. Whatever text you wish your international audience to see, needs to be translated.

Choosing the best translation agency and translators to undertake your requirements is the first, and the most critical step for success or failure in targeting the international market. Just because there may be a fluent Mandarin speaker in your company does not mean that they have the skills needed to produce translations for your target audience. High quality translations require skills that language speakers may not have, especially in the case of technical translation or where the project requires the skills of someone experienced in transcreation for marketing translation. This is why at Lingua Translations, we require all our translators to have at least five years translating experience in their expert field and a degree in their field of expertise.

Important areas of consideration when choosing an agency:

Separate the good from the bad

Many of our customers have come to us after experiencing substandard translations elsewhere. There are so many companies out there who use translators without professional certification and who are under experienced. Finding a translation agency with an established reputation and proven acumen is vital for a successful translations. The agency should be professionally accredited and offer a money back guarantee. Lingua Translations Language solutions has been awarded both the BS EN ISO 9001:2008 industry standard and the BS EN 15038:2006 translation–specific standard. You should be allowed to request translation certification from your agency, which will be signed by the translator and the agency.

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Hire people, not robots

It is essential that you hire professionally qualified human translators and not use machine based translation systems. High quality translations require creative thinkers that are aware of current language trends and styles, idiomatic expressions and dialects of the target language. it is also important to ensure that they are culturally aware of the target language environment, which is why it is also best to use translators who are native in the target language.

Work only with industry specific translators

A precise and accurate translation can be the key to a company’s successful export strategy. It is so important that if a technical translation is needed, a translator that is highly experienced in this field is used. For example, if you are targeting football fans in Brazil, then you will need a translator who is experienced in sports translations. Lingua Translations has provided award winning professional translations in the sport sector, as well as regularly providing translations for the Energy, Legal, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Recruitment, Publishing and Business sectors. Certain skills will be required for a technical translation that a general translator may not be able to provide, which will be reflected when the translation is publicised.

Use translators who are native in the target language

The most accurate translations arise from professionals who are fully immersed in the source and target languages. Never be afraid to ask your agency to use translators that work in this way. At Lingua Translations, we only use translators who are native in the language they are translating into.

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Demand the highest quality results

High quality translations only reflects positively on your business, so demanding everything you require out of your agency is essential. At the end of the day, translated material should not appear as if it was translated in the first place and if it means paying a little bit extra than other translation agencies you are wary of, then this is a sure fire way to paving your way to success for your company. If required, demand fast turnaround times. Good translation agencies will always be able to produce urgent translations at request, as they are always on the ball and have an excellent pool of translators to choose from. They will also offer free, unlimited revisions (when requested by you) of the translated text and provide a service until you are fully content with the translation.

The moment you decide to take the next step with your business and target international audiences is a huge step for any company. Just make sure that you choose the very best translation agency, otherwise you might in fact take a step back!

If you would like to read more about how you can grow your business abroad and connect you with industry specific linguists, get in touch.