The importance of meeting deadlines

Every single project requires organisation and planning in order to meet deadlines. It is very rare that deadlines aren’t a priority for any company as they can result in a grumpy manager, an angry client, or far more serious consequences like the loss of a contract. In most companies, deadlines represent milestones that affect profitability, and missing them can have detrimental effects on expenses. In the translation industry, patent translations require extra attention to detail when it comes down to meeting deadlines because there could be serious repercussions, mainly the potential loss of patent rights.

Benefits of using a translation agency when deadlines need to be met…

There are many cases where business decisions and case work require urgent attention and quick turnaround times, and there are very few companies whose in-house translation departments run on a 24 hour basis. Using an agency is highly recommended for translations of patents in particular, this being one of the main reasons. An agency specialising in patent translations should be able to provide a 24 hour patent translation service, with minimum delay. Having access to translators in different time zones can have a big impact on the turnaround time and can guarantee deadlines are consistently met, as well as the experience that the agency and translator will have of translating patents. In-house translators for companies often have other responsibilities too and translation is likely to be a secondary responsibility. When translations are outsourced, there is no direct concern over priorities. Your company and patent translation is the agency’s primary concern.

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5 Tips to Keep on Track of your Patent Application Translation

1. Stay organised
2. Communication with your agency is key
3. Plan an early deadline for extra caution
4. Think positive
5. Use a reliable agency with patent application experience

Meeting deadlines provides sustainability for your business. patent translations are certainly no exception to this rule, so ensure you trust the agency that you are using to do these translations and ensure they have an excellent and realistic track record of meeting deadlines for urgent requirements.
REMEMBER, quality over cost for patent translations will likely increase your chances over application success!