Here at Lingua Translations, we translate a variety of materials in a multitude of subject areas. One of the types of translation services we offer is Website Translation.

You may think that you are reaching all of your potential customers using English, but as reported in the 2011 Census, as much as 40 percent of people don’t speak English as their main language in some parts of the UK . Depending on your geographical location, having your website translated into Polish or Urdu for example, gives you the ability to communicate with previously unreachable customers in your local area.

But why stop locally? Marketing your products and services online is a great way to showcase yourself around the world. Having a company website gives you the ability to update your customers on company announcements, get feedback on your services, and most importantly is a medium for you to connect with your customers in real time.  As well as the design and the functionality of your website, the language used to communicate your message is a hugely important aspect of the sales process. Ever heard the saying “Words carry weight”? You have the ability to to create a feeling of trust and respectability from your customers through carefully chosen words and well written language.

But remember, not everyone speaks English. especially in the digital world. Did you know that China, one of the fastest growing economies, has the highest amount of internet users in the world? They actually make up over 20% of the worlds internet users! While in India, numbers of internet users rose by 14% last year up to over 243 million!

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For those of you who have never studied languages, you may be thinking about using free online machine translation for your website. This seems like a great option for those with smaller budgets, however machine translation does not take into account your audience, or your message meaning that inappropriate words can be selected. You could also run into problems where there are different versions of the same language. For example it would not be advisable to sell products in mainland Spain using South American Spanish and you might not want to try and sell products in Bejing in Cantonese!

If you want to connect with more customers online and would like to talk to us about what languages can benefit your business, we here to help. You can also access a multitude of information on language and business in our award winning blog. We look forward to connecting with you.

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