In the UK, housing associations are now major providers of rented accommodation and shared ownership schemes, helping those who cannot afford to buy or rent a home. They are non-profit organisations and any income goes back into maintaining existing housing and financing new homes. With two thirds of ethnic minority groups on low income and requiring social housing, there is huge demand for interpreting services for housing associations.

At Lingua Translations, we provide a number of local housing associations with regular interpreters for face to face assignments, as well as telephone interpreters, in very urgent cases. We have seen the requirement for Polish interpreters especially soar over the past year, and is down to the increase in Polish nationals settling in Wales.
There are a number of reasons that housing associations require translation and interpreting services and these include; for tenancy agreements, home visits, care and support services, rent issues, consultation meetings, forma, letters and newsletters etc

Moving to a new country is daunting enough, whether alone, or with your family, and signing tenancy agreements in a different, new language and listening to instructions about environmental issues, such as rubbish collection and recycling can later on affect the person if they are not understood clearly. The person may be susceptible to fines, neighbour complaints, or misunderstandings of when their payments are due and how they can be made for example.

Not just getting over the language barrier

Hiring an interpreter to assist in any of the above can have a profound effect on the person involved, not just by way of communicating with their local housing officer, but it will also make that person feel at ease and feel comfortable in their surroundings. It will give them confidence to raise any concerns, as well as have an impact on progression of the matter involved. House Associations do not only hire interpreters for multi cultural applicants that are ready to apply for a home, but also to help people from linguistically diverse backgrounds to find out about all services that can be offered to them.

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