travel-tourism-concept_Lingua TranslationsAfter a visit to the recent World Travel Market in London recently, I wanted to emphasise how much language services can be of use to the tourism industry. This industry covers a diverse range of sub sectors; travel, entertainment and leisure, hotels, airlines, football clubs, tour operators and games organisers. Tourism is essentially travel for leisure, recreation or business purposes and language barriers are extremely common. Interpreters are often needed to for emergency situations, business expansion purposes and simply just as an option for customers.

Tourism affects every single continent in the world and is the main source of income in many countries such as the Caribbean Islands and Latin American countries. At the World Travel Market, Greece had one of the largest sections, confirming how heavily this country relies on tourism as its main source of income.

Lessons learnt from the World Travel Market…

Interpreting is a popular requirement for hoteliers, tourist boards and tour operators. Feedback I received was that it gives them the confidence to be able to deal with customers from all nationalities and adds to a hotel’s many functions. Many of the areas of the tourist industry require interpreters intermittently and in urgent situations. For this I suggested telephone interpreting as an option. Tourists visit their destinations from all over the world and having an interpreter at the press of a button is such a useful option to have and will save a lot of time, worry and cost for many tourists and companies. Lingua Translations offers a telephone interpreting service called Lingua Translations Talk, which is simple to set up and there is no minimum usage time or set up costs. Perfect for those tricky moments where language barriers can be overcome within a matter of minutes.

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The tourism industry is booming – there is a huge demand to reach out to foreign tourists. With recognitions in the UK like ‘The City of Culture’, British cities, which in the past weren’t obvious tourist destinations (such as Bristol, Birmingham), are crying out to communicate with foreign tourists and reap the consequences of this. Having spent millions on redeveloping parts of their cities, benefiting from tourism is a large part of recovering any such debt. Having access to interpreters 24/7 can help attract custom worldwide, at no extra cost for the company.