For the next month, our monthly blog topic will be based on Patent translations, something hugely important in the translation industry.

To give an overview, a patent is an Intellectual Property Protection document that protects new inventions and ideas along with in depth detail on their creation and the process that the final invention goes through. A patent ensures exclusivity of something for a limited period of time and grants the inventor with the ability to take legal action against other parties from making, using, importing or selling the invention without permission.

A patent may protect advanced technical solutions, or simple clever ideas…

  • Nils Alwall first patented the steel kidney for patients suffering from kidney failure
  • Christer Fåhraeus patented the pen with scanner, which deciphers letters, numbers or figures and now the pen can even translate text

Why do I require a translation of my patent?

In order to file and validate patents in foreign countries, they must be translated and then certified.

The subject matter of patents is wide ranging and will need translators who are highly specialised in that particular field, as well as highly trained in patent translations.

Some of the sorts of Patents we deal with at Lingua Translations include; chemical, electrical, mechanical, medical and pharmaceutical. Wherever you choose to have your patent translated, it should be possible at any stage of the patent application process.

I have a strict deadline

At Lingua Translations we take ALL deadlines extremely seriously. Lingua Translations and our linguists are very aware of the tight deadlines involved when applying for a patent and will work to meet every single one of these. We wouldn’t want to cause any serious implications for our customers.

I am concerned about confidentiality

Confidentiality should be taken seriously in all translation agencies, no matter what the service is that is being provided, or the subject matter. All linguists should sign a non disclosure agreement before commencing any work. For this, the translator undertaking the job of translating your patent will be highly experienced in doing so and will be aware of the implication involved in breaching any signed agreements.

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