In a word, yes! Don’t believe me? Have a look at some of these translations and think about whether you’d want them associated with you:

  • Jerusalem – there’s no such city! (tourism brochure trying to say ‘Jerusalem – there’s no city like it!’)

  • Frozen ice sold here (shop in Toledo, Spain)

  • If you are interesting call me please (job application letter)

  • This tastiness cannot be carried, even with both hands (chocolate snack in China)

  • Take me home, let’s make happy in your basket! (Bread packaging in China)

  • Not an entrance to no workers (Spanish building site)

  • You are required to declare all sorts of private things (Port of Jeddah)

  • Family Planning Advice: Use rear entrance (Northampton General Hospital)

  • Martini and nipples (Lake Garda, Italy, wine bar)

  • Depressed soup (menu in Russian)

  • Half a lawyer with prawns (menu in Sweden)

  • Try it and try to forget it (menu in Cyprus)

  • In carriage of eating servant girl bring tea and uneatables (train in China)

  • Please get a punch at window No 2 (French car park)

  • When on my travels I have also come across “callos” (a Spanish tripe recipe) translated as “callouses” on a menu. Perhaps you may not like tripe but surely it’s better than the alternative!

Of course, even native speakers of a language make mistakes from time to time, nobody’s perfect after all. But why take chances with your reputation? Lingua Translations’ translators all have at least 5 years of experience and are specialists in their chosen field.

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