Life on Mars?

For those who haven’t been watching the news lately, Elon Musk and Space X sent up a rocket to orbit Mars! Read on

There have been rocket launches at the space centre for decades, but in my lifetime, it’s been trips to the ISS or sending up satellites. This launch was different. This launch took a Tesla car up with it! The car is playing David Bowie’s Life on Mars on repeat, with a mannequin in the driving seat. They wanted to test a new kind of rocket, that could eventually take heavier loads into space.
The experiment here was to send a rocket up into space, while creating booster rockets that you could re-use. In previous launches the booster rockets would go up, detach and be left in space. Space X have been able to successfully send their boosters up with the rocket and to safely land back on earth. Not just the re-usable aspect of the launch, but also the affordability of space travel was on the cards. Due to the recovery and re-usable launchers, space travel could be something that some of us might be able to experience in our lifetime.

Could this mean a new space race??

Gone are the days where America and Russia were trying to be the first country to get into space, and to land on the moon. That was something the older generation could enjoy first hand. But could Space X inspire other countries to attempt something magical again? There are 6 ‘space agencies’ across the world, from NASA (USA), to ISRO (India), JAXA (Japan), ESA (Europe), CNSA (China) and RFSA (Russia). Any of them can now use this launch to inspire them to make better, reusable rockets and create a bit of friendly competition!

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Elon Musk isn’t the only entrepreneur out there looking to space for adventure. Virgin’s Richard Branson has his company Virgin Galactic, which he is hoping can send people into space. Branson hasn’t had the success of Musk, but that will only inspire him further to get his rockets into space.


Here at Lingua Translations, we love the idea of people reaching for the stars to create something amazing. We also approve of the song choice to go with it ?. The hope now is this inspires people across the world to think bigger and reach for the stars. Maybe one day we’ll know for sure if there is indeed life on mars, but for now, if there is anyone out there, they would be more familiar with the English language if they pass a red Tesla Roadstar on the way.