Juliet’s trip to France

It’s that time of year. The summer (well, once we look beyond the rain!) holidays are here, the kids are off school until September, and it is likely that you’re planning a trip abroad.

You may well be looking towards sunnier climes, and certainly Europe, or indeed a short hop across the Channel to France, is a popular destination for many British holidaymakers at this time of year.

But whilst the short distance and ease of travel to l’Hexagone makes it an appealing holiday destination for many, speaking French during your stay can be a daunting and difficult task, regardless of your proficiency.

Juliet, the sister of Lingua Translations’ Managing Director – Sharon Stephens, is off to Pérassay, Limousin in the Indre department of central France today. So we’ve compiled a handy list of essential phrases to help her get around and make the very most of her trip.


Bonjour – Hello | Au revoir – Goodbye | s’il vous plaît – Please | Oui – Yes | Non – No | Merci – Thank you | Je m’appelle… – My name is

Vous parlez anglais? – Do you speak English | Enchanté/Enchantée! – Pleased to meet you (masculine/feminine) | Comment? – Pardon?


Excusez-moi – Excuse me | C’est où? – Where is it? | Ici – Here | Tout droit – Straight ahead | à droite – To/on the right | à gauche – To/on the left

Par là – That way | C’est loin – Is it far? | En face – Opposite | Un billet – A ticket | Un aller simple – A single | Un aller-retour – A return

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Vous avez? – Do you have? | Une chambre – A room | Double – Double | Simple – Single | La salle de bains – The bathroom | De…à… – From/To


Vous avez une table? – Do you have a table | Qu’est-ce que c’est? – What is it? | Je prends – I’ll take/I’ll have | Le plat du jour – The day’s special

Où est le bar? – Where is the bar? | Une bouteille de vin blanc – A bottle of white wine | L’addition – The bill | Santé – Cheers


Il y a… – Is there…/Are there…? | Près d’ici – Near here | Je voudrais – I would like | C’est combien? – How much is it? | C’est tout – That’s all

Bonnes vacances, Juliet!

If you are heading abroad yourself in the coming weeks and months, and would welcome us putting together some phrases for you, then please let us know via the comment below or our social media accounts – just click one of the buttons to the right.