Language Interpretation for World Leaders

Are you a professional interpreter hoping to take your skills to the world stage?

Think you have what it takes to interpret for the likes of Barack Obama or President Sarkozy? Well you’re in luck! Today we’re looking at the challenges faced by interpreters when working with world leaders.

It’s a sad fact that interpreters in general are all-too-often unappreciated and undervalued when the pressures of their career are huge!

With any language interpretation task, accuracy, decisiveness and self-confidence are paramount to delivering a successful interpretation. To deal with these pressures when working with the most prominent figures in global politics takes a lot of nerve. Do you think you could deal with the nerves?

Interpreters assemble

Interpreters are also used in world politics far more often than you might think. You will often see world leaders wearing earpieces at international events, conferences and meetings etc. What you don’t see are the booth interpreters working at full capacity. Hidden behind the scenes to communicate the message quickly and efficiently without any risk of error.

Any misinterpretation which does occur could have major political consequences. It is vital that every detail is communicated clearly and correctly to avoid any slip-ups.

It’s well-known that discussions between world leaders can often become fairly heated affairs, and it is up to the interpreter to deliver the message correctly. Interpreters are, however only human and mistakes can sometimes be unavoidable.

A famous case of questionable language interpretation took place in the mid-80s. Then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was meeting with the President of the former French Congo, an infamous Communist figure. She fairly bluntly introduced herself with the comment “I hate communists”. This was swiftly toned down by the French interpreter as “Prime Minister Thatcher says that she has never been wholly supportive of the ideas of Karl Marx.”

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The challenges of interpreting between political leaders are also heightened considering the fact that not only must the interpreter deliver the meaning of the original message, but also communicate its intended tone. No easy task considering the amount of beating around the bush which takes place in the political sphere nowadays!

We pride ourselves on our scrupulous selection procedures we undertake choosing our interpreters. Interpreting for world leaders is a tough task. Could you be up for it? For more information, follow the link to find out more about the language interpretation services we have to offer.