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To communicate clearly and accurately in the legal industry, you need high-quality legally trained linguists looking after you, after all – your reputation is at stake

Lingua Legal Document Translation Services

Whether you are looking for a legal document translation, a website or maybe you need a court interpreter or one over the phone,  Lingua Legal Translation Services provides everything you need to guarantee quality and precision, as standard – we can even legalise your documents for you . We are tried, tested and trusted by local together with global law firms and solicitors. The strength of our business lies in our unique consultancy-based approach, ensuring every client is treated as an individual requiring bespoke language solutions.  

Legal Translation

If you have a legal document that needs to be translated, you need an in-country legally trained, native speaking translator.

Legal Interpreting

If you need a legal interpreter to attend a court, a meeting or you have an urgent real-time requirement, we want to hear about it.

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Do you need one company to handle your transcription, subtitling, voiceovers or DTP?

If, so you need to get in touch.

Specialist Legal Document Translation

When you are in need of a legal translation service, finding the right company who you can work with can be a daunting task. Here are some concerns you may have…

  • Who can you trust to handle the content?
  • Can they translate it quick enough, and accurately at the same time?
  • Will they understand the legalese?
  • What are the equivalent terms in another language?
  • How do you know that the legal translation has been done properly?

You are not alone, you need to be confident that whoever you choose will get the job done properly, on time and allow you to get on with the rest of your work. That is exactly what we do and why some of the UK’s finest Legal Companies trust us to get it right, every time.

Our specialist, legally trained translators are based in-country so they are always up to date with the latest terminology, nuances and language changes – otherwise your content could sound old fashioned and render your translations much less effective.

Legal Interpreting

Lingua Translations understands that when you need a Professional Interpreting Service, finding the right solution may be a confusing task.

  • Are you looking for a legally trained interpreter?
  • Do you need access to a legal interpreter with specialist subject knowledge?

Our Legal Interpreters guarantee a high-quality interpreting service at a moments notice or maybe you have a conference or meeting that will require interpreter booths and headsets?

Well,  this is exactly what we do – we’ve got your back!

If you need a quick solution, our 24/7/365 Real Time Interpreting Solution could be just what you need and is available in 200 languages, right now.

Multimedia For The Legal Sector

We understand that sourcing Multimedia experts in other languages can be time consuming and very annoying trying to work out what you need, just to get your task done. Well, our in-country experts are multi-talented and selected for their skill and expertise.

We have linguists who will easily:

  • Transcribe your video
  • Translate your content
  • Subtitle your video
  • Provide voiceovers (we can even give you voices to choose from)

It’s easy when you know how, and we know how to look after you! Get in touch so we can help you to plan your project, making your life much easier.

Need to Certify or Legalise A Document?

Getting a legal document translation Certified is straight forward, but making sure it officially legalises a document is another story.

Take a look on our LiNGUA Legalise page so you can get up to date information. Similarly, do feel free to get in touch and we will help you.

Specialist Court Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting involves the speaker talking for a short period of time and the interpreter then translating this into the required foreign language, allowing the speech to flow fluently. This type of interpreting service is ideal for court interpreting and is used by legal professionals in court hearings, meetings with barristers and during prison visits, while it is also a common technique used in small conferences or group discussions.

Our team consists of professional court registered interpreters with a minimum of 5 years’ experience, that also comply with our ISO 17100:2015 accreditation, the latest certification specific to translation services.

Simultaneous Conference Interpreting

This type of interpreting is used in different situations such as Conferences, Meetings, Government etc. and will normally require the need for interpreting equipment such as, ear phones, booths and a fully prepared interpreter.

Our experienced Project Management Team drives the whole process, taking care of everything from the interpreters to the technical equipment.

Normally, for simultaneous interpreting you would need a soundproofed booth, fully equipped for 2 interpreters to sit in, listen to the conference through headphones and translate into a microphone.

With a proven track record for providing a successful service to public sector bodies, financiers, as well as market research, medical and technical organisations all over the world, we will provide you with a complete service including a tour guide system or sound equipment, booths and a technician who will be present throughout the event.

We make it look so simple!

Real-Time Telephone Interpreting 24/7/365

If you need a real-time interpreting service, available 24/7/365, we can help. We can give you access to our telephone interpreting service in over 200 languages immediately.

 All you need to do is to get in touch and we will give you your account number and number to call. Seriously simple and easy to use.

This flexible service fits around you and can be set up within minutes, ideal for meetings and very economical compared to face to face interpreting. 

We'll Show You How It's Done

 We understand that even though you will be an expert in your industry, you probably aren’t one in ours. Well, that is fine and that’s what we are here for.   We simply need to understand what you are trying to achieve, who you are trying to reach and why. We then will work alongside you and make it happen.

We will match you with the very best in-country specialists that suit your business or brand and work alongside you to ensure that your audience understands exactly what you want them to. It may not be rocket science but when translation is carried out properly, you really see the benefits – quickly.


Quality Guaranteed

We are one of the first translation companies to be awarded the latest International Standards for our Industry. What does that mean to you? We know what we are doing!

We are Internationally Accredited not only for the ISO2008:2015 but also the ISO17100:20015 (Translation).

We are so confident you will love our services, we guarantee they meet your expectations and wherever we can, we exceed them – we love happy customers.

Our extensive range of services to the Legal Industry includes:

Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates
Court Documents & Litigation
Divorce Documents
Legal Disclaimers
Sworn Translators
Personal Injury Claims
Terms & Conditions
Witness Statements
Certification and Notarisation
Wills & Testaments
Customer correspondence
Confidentiality Agreements

For a full range of solutions, or to discuss your needs, contact us today

Translator Agency - Quality Guaranteed

We are one of the first translation companies to be awarded the latest International Standards for our Industry. What does that mean to you? We know what we are doing!


We are Internationally Accredited not only for the ISO2008:2015 but also the ISO17100:20015 (Translation). We are so confident you will love our services, we guarantee they meet your expectations and wherever we can, we exceed them - we love happy customers.

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Sharon and her team have provided us with an excellent translation and interpreting service, often with very little notice. They always meet our requests for assistance with immediate effect.

The service is friendly, accurate and extremely timely in delivery. They are true experts in their industry.

I cannot recommend them highly enough. Alan Cowie

Manager, Swansea City

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