languages and living abroadIt’s coming up to the holiday season again, and whilst many of us are planning our summer holidays, others are contemplating moving abroad in search of new cultures, new experiences and perhaps even new languages.

Moving to another country can open doors to meeting new people, learning new languages and trying things you never would have had the chance to attempt at home.
One of the biggest traps to fall into when you relocate is meeting people from your own country and sticking with them! Forming ex-pat groups is something that happens to all nationalities in all countries. It’s very difficult not to be drawn to people with the same nationality as you when travelling; it brings a sense of ease and security. However, to truly experience another country we have to draw ourselves away from this and try to integrate with the locals both in their culture and language…easier said than done!

How can you get the most out of your experience?

Learn the local language. So many more opportunities open up when you can speak to and understand the locals!

Learn about the local culture and embrace it.

Don’t compare aspects of your new life to home; it won’t do you any favours. Open your mind to new ways of thinking.

Suss out the best places to go in town.

Join a social group or sports team to meet like-minded people.

Embrace all experiences and opportunities that come your way.

Make sure you are fully aware of all the little details that might be important in an emergency – locations of hospitals and emergency departments, emergency numbers to call and key phrases if you aren’t certain of your language capabilities. Being prepared can make for a smoother experience whilst there, though some of the best stories will come from times where all preparation goes out of the window!

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Throw yourself into it! Don’t be afraid to try the language and new things like foods and traditions of the local culture. If you clam up the whole experience will be a lot less rewarding.
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