How many types of English are there?!

English Translation 275x183It can be difficult for foreign people when they arrive in the UK and struggle to speak English, because they have been influenced by other English-speaking countries and don’t really know what is British or not. I am French and I spent 1 year in Australia before coming to Wales. I got used to saying, “How are you going?”, meaning “How are you?” in Australia. Apparently, that is not how British people ask how you are doing. Instead, they tend to say, “Are you alright?” or “How are you doing?”, but I mean, how should I know as I’m French? I guess that the Americans say something different to make it even more difficult for us… This is only a small part of my struggle, otherwise it wouldn’t be funny…


I would say that we are mostly influenced by American English, as we mostly watch American movies, series or TV shows. That’s why it makes it harder for us to detach ourselves from it. I study translation and my teachers always tell us to be aware of the difference between American and British English, because it is the translator’s job to be able to make the difference. But I suppose that you have to go to both countries to be capable of spotting differences. I’ve just been told that the Americans say “pants” whereas British people say “trousers”, once again, I wasn’t aware of this difference.

Slangs of English

Besides, every English-speaking country has its own slang and accent. You get used to the different accents after a while, but slang is hard to get. Even though you get the slang at some point, you’ll want to speak it then to sound more like them, but you have to perfectly understand it to be able to use it correctly and in the right situations.

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Well, I think that you get it now, it is not easy being a foreigner.


BUT I do know that French is a hard language to learn, that’s why I am happy to be French!