My Work Experience Week

Today is my first day of work experience here at Lingua Translations. Why did I choose the company, I hear you ask. I choose to do my work experience at Lingua Translations as I have a large and growing interest in the translation and interpretation of modern foreign languages.

With companies going global for customers and resources there is a greater demand for interpreters than ever before. I am currently studying GCSE French and GCSE Welsh. In two years time I will be studying for my A-Levels at college. For my A-levels, I wish to study French, Welsh and Geography. I would also like to learn to speak Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and Italian fluently.

On May 18, the message of Peace and Goodwill from the young people of Wales, to the young people of the World was broadcast via the BBC’s world service. At my school, I was asked to deliver part of the message in Italian.

Holidaymakers rejoice!

Before I read through Lingua Translations’ website, I didn’t realise that there is a demand for interpreters from holiday makers! Lingua Translations offer a 24/7 interpretation telephone service, called Lingua  Talk, which is open to the public to use. As long as you have an account with them. This service must operate on a 24 hour basis as there are time zone differences throughout the world.

If you’re on holiday in Singapore and lose your wallet or purse, and can’t speak the language, what will you do? Would you wait until the United Kingdom wakes up? Many hours later… to phone home to report your wallet or purse lost many hours after you’ve lost it? Or would you use Lingua Talk to help you speak to a local police officer in their language? The officer could help you and possibly get your lost item back to you quicker!

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The future is bright!

In the future, I’d like to work with and around modern foreign languages, (MFL)! With 1.3 billion native speakers, Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. China’s economy growing at a vast pace, there is a great window of opportunity for business! With companies sourcing resources from China, to be able to speak Chinese would be a great help to any company. Chinese has two forms, traditional, (Cantonese) and simplified, (Mandarin). As you can probably tell, simplified is the more modern version of the language.

More than 50% of people said that they’d rather buy a product if the product was sold in their native language, than if the product was cheaper in a language that they didn’t speak! With the use of the internet and internet shopping industry now booming, companies have a demand for their website to be offered in more than just the countries national language!

The French language to me is very useful. I’m often going on holiday abroad. Many of the places I visit don’t speak English, however they do speak French!

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