I was very excited to be starting my first week at Lingua Translations. After I had set up my email and Skype account, I felt good to go.

I was impressed with the timetable that Emma and Adrian gave us, and I could tell that we were going to learn a lot throughout the course of our internships.

From practice translations, to project management, and Wordbee mock projects, we are going to have our hands full in the next several weeks !

I am also excited to get to know my fellow interns and staff members better, and it shows that they are all passionate about their field. Now that the first week is finishing, I can’t emphasise enough on how happy I am to be doing this internship here at Lingua Translations. Looking curiously forward to my second week!

For the second part of my master’s program, I had the option to do an extended translation, an internship or a dissertation. I chose to do the internship because I figured it would be a good way for me to apply what I learned into a real world setting, and I also wanted to increase my knowledge of the translation industry. In addition to doing translation exercises, I am interested in learning about the different facets of the industry including recruitment and project management.

I spent the first several days completing a practice translation exercise, and today I will be working on a Wordbee tutorial. I think it’s great that each week we are going to cover various aspects of the company. The location of the office is nice as well. It is close to the water, and we can see it from the window.

It’s also very relaxing to look at during my lunch break.

Thank you for reading about my experience so far!