So this is it – my final day at Lingua Translations.

I came in excited about what was to come, and now I walk out thankful for all that I’ve learned. I enjoyed contributing to the team by performing different tasks such as recruitment, project management, and completing my section of the eBooks. I was also happy to sharpen my skills by completing translation exercises in different domains such as tourism and law. Completing the translation exercises made me even more passionate about the translation industry! Also, I wasn’t expecting to improve my computer skills, but I was pleasantly surprised to receive some helpful computer tips from my colleagues!

It was a bit of an odd week-on the one hand, I went on with the usual work day routine, but I was also reflecting on the fact that this was my last week. Nonetheless, this isn’t the end of my translation career, and I am looking forward to the next phase of it! I wish all of the staff at Lingua Translations and my fellow interns all the best! Goodbye for now, and thank you for reading my blogs!