Week 3

Hello! On Friday, we found out that the UK voted to leave the EU. As someone who is neither European nor British, I can’t say I completely understand how British or European people must feel right now…

One exciting change involving my internship that happened this week is that I got to practice translating from French into English.

I received the translation that the translator who worked on the text did, and I was able to compare what I produced to what he wrote.

This was an enjoyable exercise. The document that I worked on was very interesting as well.

I would eventually like to translate for NGOs. The text that I translated uses typical language that I would find if I worked for these organisations. I also continued to work on recruiting. This involves a lot of steps and researching. It’s always rewarding to find someone who meets our qualifications and who completes the recruitment process. Especially for language pairs that are hard to find translators for!

I hope that my efforts will help Lingua Translations find great linguists who excel at what they do. I and my fellow interns also made a lot of progress this week on the eBooks. Speaking of fellow interns, we welcomed Abdullah this week! He is just as pleasant to work with as everyone else! We all came up with the headings that we are going to use for the general eBook, and divided these among us. I’m so glad to be moving to the next step, and I think that we’re going to come up with some great eBooks!