Week 4

We never know whether we may be asked to do something new.

This week I mainly did recruiting and worked on answering the eBook questions that I am responsible for.

Recruiting sometimes involves a lot of back and forth email communications. I spent a lot of time this week making sure I was responding to them in a timely manner. Most of my emails consisted of telling translators or interpreters the next step they needed to complete for the recruitment process.

I was also very happy to receive two new texts in French to translate. I didn’t spend a lot of time working on them this week because of my other priorities. Looking forward to completing my translations, and receiving feedback on them. Definitely looking forward to doing more project management tasks, and seeing how it goes! It was quite rainy this week. Fortunately, I was able to take advantage of dry moments within the day to enjoy the things that I love about being outside such as walking, having lunch on a bench, or watching the beautiful seagulls!