Week 2

This week, I did a lot of recruiting for several language combinations.

I enjoyed reading about people’s experiences, backgrounds and interests.

I have always been told that translators work best when they translate documents on subjects they are interested in. This is something I definitely agree with! I also think that if a person has been translating the same sort of documents for many years, then that’s not only a good indication they will produce a good translation. But also that they are passionate about the subject they translate for.

I also helped with other project management tasks, and got to know some potential clients better.

On Thursday, we were able to sort of watch the football game as we could hear a group of people near our office who were watching the game cheering. We tried to ‘interpret’ the meaning of the cheers, and we usually could tell when someone scored a goal!

Lastly, I worked together with Elodie and Claudia to come up with survey questions to send to clients. It was nice to share our thoughts on the kind of information we would like clients to give us.

I hope the survey turns out to be very helpful in getting to know our clients better!