National Anthem Day

3rd March 2018


Tomorrow is national anthem day! Here at Lingua Translations, we absolutely love anthems! You might’ve seen our anthem blogs during sporting events such as the autumn internationals, Lions tour and the 6 Nations.


culture 2 425x400Your national anthem shows the culture and history of your nation. It can at times be the very identity of your nation. It is sung with passion and love, especially at sporting events! There are some absolute great anthems out there as well. Of course, being a company in Wales, we absolutely love the Welsh anthem: Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau. But look for example at South Africa’s anthem. That anthem shows the diversity of the people of South Africa as its in 4 languages! An amazing anthem to hear indeed.


Anthems such as the Welsh anthem and the South African anthem might be the only time you hear the language of the nation. With Wales, most people speak English over Welsh. Some Welsh aren’t fluent or even an amateur in Welsh. But when it comes to the anthem, people sing. They might not fully understand the lyrics, but they will sing in Welsh. With South Africa, it’s opportunity for the nation to hear 4 of their largest languages. Languages you might not hear daily in your area. In New Zealand for example, their anthem is sung in both Maori and English, once again inviting the country to sing and hear the languages of their nation.



There aren’t too many nations that don’t have their own national anthem. One of those is England who use the UK anthem, but don’t have their own anthem.  They have adopted the UK anthem ‘God Save the Queen’. This can at times make relations tricky amongst the 4 nations of the UK as they don’t look at God Save the Queen as the UK anthem, rather the English anthem as they do not have their own. All other nations of the UK have their own anthems as well as the UK anthem.

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Weirder still, Spain does not have any official lyrics as part of their anthem! Along with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and San Marino, they only have the music rather than lyrics.


National Anthem Day is a great day to learn your anthem, and better still, the history and culture behind it. Check out our blogs on anthems, and see if there are any you love!