We don’t just do translation

Some of Lingua Translations’ lesser-known professional translation services.

While it may be said that the core of our business at Lingua Translations lies in our translation and interpreting services, we also have a multitude of other professional translation services that we can offer you or your business; some of which you may not have been aware of…

Multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) and typesetting

On top of translating word processed documents, we can also offer a service where we will work according to specifications set by you regarding your artwork to create all kinds of print-ready documents. We can work with a range of desktop publishing programs to create documents to suit your needs. Included in this is the production of business cards, banners, brochures and other marketing materials in any language you desire.



Having trouble understanding what a video is about? Need a video recorded for administration or academic purposes? At Lingua Translations we can provide a service where we can produce a full transcript of the speech and also translate it into any language.



We can translate and subtitle video content between most languages, and deliver completed subtitling in a number of formats. All material is translated by professional native translators, who work with professional subtitlers to sync the subtitles with the video content.


Multilingual Copywriting

If you need to create a new document in a foreign language, another of our professional translation services includes providing expert copywriters who have experience in choosing the perfect style, tone, register and terminology for your piece.

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Dubbing, lectoring and voiceovers

We can offer experienced multilingual voice artists with carefully timed and audience-centric translated scripts. We can also offer specialised lectoring services, where a voice artist narrates what the actors are saying.


Localisation and Internationalisation

Whether you need to modify a text to suit a specific regional audience, or generalise it so that it is relevant to readers across the world, we work with experts who can advise on aspects of content and design of your piece and make sure your text is culturally relevant.


So there we have it; a whole range of language services right at your fingertips. For further details of all of our professional translation services, pay a visit to our website.