What do you say when you hurt yourself? What do they say around the world?

It may not have occurred to you that people in different countries say   ‘ouch’ differently – it’s certainly not the kind of thing teachers tell you when you’re learning foreign languages! I recently came across this excellent list of pain words, which tells you how different countries express themselves when they get hurt.

Here they are:

Arabicأخ (Aakh!)
Chinese哎哟 Aiyo!
哎呀 Aiya!
Croatian Avaj!Jao!
Japaneseいたい! (いたっ!いったっ!いったたたっ!いって~)
Itai! (Ita! Itta! Ittatata!)
MalteseAjma! (Ay-ma!)
Persianآخ or واخ (pronounced aakh and vaakh, respectively)



Tagalog (Philippines)Aray!

โอ้ย Oy!


Oh baa!

Oh maa!
(Gujarati): Oh baaprey!

So maybe the next time you stub your toe whilst abroad, you might like to try one of these new words! If you know the word for ‘owch’ in a language that’s not listed here, please share it with us!

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