Pancake day

pancake day 968 × 681Today is Shrove Tuesday (aka Pancake Day). This means there will be a lot of pictures circling online of people’s glorious attempts of flipping pancakes. If you have some creative friends out there, you might even see pancakes with an intricate design. Mine on the other hand are blobs!


Why is Shrove Tuesday celebrated?

In a religious sense, it’s the last day before the 47 days of fasting before Easter Sunday. Though some only fast for 40 days of Lent, leaving out the Sundays. Shrove Tuesday changes on a yearly basis, depending on where Easter falls. This year Easter Sunday is on the 1st April, a few weeks earlier than it fell last week, so those participating in Lent, will need to remember that for Valentine’s Day tomorrow!

Obviously, Shrove Tuesday has religious connotations, but these days it has become a cultural event where people give up certain luxuries for lent. Without understanding the religious significance of it all.



Why pancakes?

Pancakes are made of eggs, flour, milk and butter – all the glorious ingredients that back in the day, you’d hate to have lying around the house during Lent. These 4 ingredients are thought to represent areas of Christianity as well. These days our pancakes are a little bit more indulgent. Chocolate, maple syrup, blueberries, caramel…

During Lent, people sometimes give up certain luxuries such as alcohol, chocolate… even bacon! In the religious sense, this is to show penance for your sins. So Shrove Tuesday is a great way to fill up on your favourite foods before you give them up for 47 days!

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Here at Lingua Translations, we are not celebrating today in the office (potential fire hazard!) Hope you’re all enjoying large amounts of pancakes!