It’s amazing. The advice you receive from anyone and everyone when you mention going away – especially if you’re going somewhere they’ve visited previously. It’s invaluable. I love it!

In only two weeks, I’ve amassed guide maps, discount tickets, advice on negotiating the travel system, where to buy tickets for specific sights before going and even restaurant recommendations. No-one has so far come forward with a ‘free handbag’ voucher for Louis Vuitton, but I can dream…………..

The best part of all, is that I work for an internationally renowned interpretation / translation company, whose employees are all multi-lingual (and then some), so a quick ‘brush-up’ on my French is also available to me – a woman cannot live on Vin Rouge avec deux croissants alone (unfortunately) and my culinary tastes have changed since I learned my French in school, so maybe this time around, I’d like to try something other than “un sandwich avec jamon et fromage”.  I’m likely to be devouring my body weight in Patisserie goodies, and that’s just to start……………….

I’m happy to report that some progress has been made regarding the question of what to do when we’re there. Decisions have been made, to visit each of the popular destinations, as well as try to visit some of the more off-the-beaten-track suggestions we’ve been given.

So far, I’ve obtained entry tickets to some attractions and travel tickets even before leaving the UK – the French L’Office De Tourisme have been superb.  Judging by our schedule, we’ll be getting up with the birds and crashing out by around midnight, but at least we’ll be able to say we made the most of our visit – even if we’ll need another holiday at the end of it! And, thanks to our friends, family and colleagues, we’ve even managed to save some money and gain some “inside info” in the process!

Am I getting excited? – You bet I am!