Your Personal Project Manager

Would you like your Project Manager to be a Qualified Linguist? Understand exactly what you need? Of course you do!

Your Project Managers - are practically perfect in every way

When you need to instruct the services of a translation or interpreting service, you want the experience to be organised, un-complicated, stress free and simple. You want to be able to tell someone what you want to achieve, when you want it by and that is it – it gets done.  It is as simple as that. So, essentially you access a ‘bolt-on’ language department as and when you need it. Well, that is exactly what we do!

You are given a designated Project Manager who will take you through our process so we can get to know you, your brand and understand what you want to happen, then we make it happen.  Based on what you tell us, we will plan the steps and select the right linguist(s) from our network of translators and interpreters around the world.  We can even send you samples so you can choose which linguist has the right style or tone!

We make it simple for you, yet the result is mind blowing! We love to exceed our customers expectations at any chance we get and our customers appreciate the lengths that we will go to to make them look and sound fantastic!