Today is Punctuation Day, so the perfect day to reflect on punctuation and how it can affect our lives.

Some might ask what’s the point of punctuation if you can write anyway without using brackets, colons, semicolons, full stops, bullet points etc.? We can get by with full stops, maybe one hyphen here and a dash there (Do you actually know the difference between those?) and why use commas anyway, just because our language teacher forced them upon us?!

But fact is, punctuation helps you to comprehend and read faster.

Try to read this sentence without any punctuation It will be harder to read this text smoothly without full stops It is difficult to grasp where the sentence starts and where it ends Without punctuation it will take you much longer to read and understand this.

Also, how would you understand someone’s mood in a text message if there weren’t for example any exclamation marks! And isn’t it more clear when you use a question mark to indicate your question? It informs the reader that the writer is looking or awaiting an answer.

What about apostrophes in contractions? “We’re” would become “were” and “we’ll” would be “well”. That’s just distracting from getting across the meaning of your message.

Besides, in any educational or professional context, may it be school, university or business and certainly in the translation industry or anything to do with languages you will get marked down or probably not come across as professional if you don’t use the current and correct orthography. Think of what that could mean for you and your business?

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Think of what correct punctuation can mean for you and your business.

That’s exactly why Lingua Translations recommends a proofreading service for quality assurance as it’s always good to have a second pair of eyes on any text.

So let’s not do that mistake with grandma when we send her an online invitation for dinner. We really love you, grandma!