Welsh national Anthem- Mae Hen Wlad fy Nhadau


Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau was written and composed by father and son, Evan James and James James, in my hometown, Pontypridd. The original name of the piece was Glan Rhondda. The anthem was first used in a rugby match against the All Blacks in 1905 and has been sung with passion ever since. Wales have played at the Millennium stadium (now called the Principality stadium) since 1999. They originally played next door at Cardiff Arms Park before then. The stadium is the only one in the 6 nations that has a roof.


Mae hen wlad fy nhadau yn annwyl i mi,
Gwlad beirdd a chantorion, enwogion o fri;
Ei gwrol ryfelwyr, gwladgarwyr tra mad,
Dros ryddid collasant eu gwaed.

Gwlad, gwlad, pleidiol wyf i’m gwlad.
Tra môr yn fur i’r bur hoff bau,
O bydded i’r hen iaith barhau.


This land of my fathers is dear to me
Land of poets and singers, and people of stature
Her brave warriors, fine patriots
Shed their blood for freedom

Land! Land! I am true to my land!
As long as the sea serves as a wall for this pure, dear land
May the language endure for ever.


Wales face France in the second match on Saturday. Wales have won the past few matches against France and are just coming off an impressive win against Ireland. Even though no silverware can be won in this game, it is set to be a great match!


Allez les bleus!     Cymru am Byth!

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