Professional translation services is likely to be a bibliophile!

However, sometimes reading a book, especially at a beginner level, can soon become very frustrating, as the text turns out to be too complicated and we might not always want to carry a dictionary with us (or at least, I dread that, maybe you are all committed dictionary carriers!). Of course, the beauty of the internet and its almost limitless resources is that professional translation services can be aided on-the-go, as it were.

Anyway, here are some tips that you might find useful when you are in front of a book shelf, ready to pick your next reading challenge:

  • Children’s books are amazing!!! Do not feel ashamed to buy them, they are a great way to start boosting your vocabulary and they provide you with short, simple texts, so that you can also read them quite quickly, with no risk of getting bored.
  • Sometimes you might want to start with a story that you know already. This will help you through the most difficult passages and you will not lose track of the plot. I know it sounds a bit dull, but I am sure we all have a few books that we would like to read over and over, so why not try it in a different language?!
  • In terms of layout, it is always a good idea to aim for editions that have the source and target text on facing pages, so that you can always go back to your mother tongue if something is unclear, which is always handy if you are on a beach or on the train. Also, some books feature footnotes with explanations of the most difficult words, do not undervalue the usefulness of that. It’s like having a list of useful words already there!
  • If you are doing a language course with a friend, you could choose the same book. In turn, each of you can go through a different chapter, look for new words and then do a list of new terms. I am still looking for such a committed partner, so let us know if you find one!
  • Audio books are a nice alternative, especially if you have to drive a lot and cannot hold a book. Just insert the CD in the player and let the melody of words surround you.
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Last but not least, set achievable goals!

Don’t overdo it, or you will soon feel frustrated, as it is very hard at the beginning, but practicing will definitely lead to major improvements. And if you have further tips, please share them with us! Happy reading!