Ready to move out!

Hi everyone!

Today I’m writing this blog at my desk surrounded by packing boxes, bags, pieces of new furniture… Why? Because today we are moving out to our shiny new beautiful office!

Today everybody here is working while making last-minute preparations. It’s a little sad in some ways, since we will all leave many memories in this office. But we know it will definitely be a change for the better and we are all so excited about it.

As Lauren mentioned, when you think about how things were one year ago, it’s amazing to realise how much Lingua Translations has grown in just 12 months. Plenty of new projects, new clients, new ideas, awards won… All this has made this year a difficult and busy one, but also a year full of success.

We see this change as a reward for all this hard work, at the same time as proof that we are doing great, and also as motivation to keep working and growing even more. I’m sure we will do it!

To finish, I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone at Lingua Translations, all my colleagues and our directors, Sharon and Rachel, for this great year working here. Not only for the knowledge and professional improvement I have experienced here, but for their constant support and their ability to make me truly enjoy working with all of you here.

So, let’s go! Our office phone numbers will remain the same, and our doors will remain open for you. If want to visit us, you will find us in:

Suite 9,
The Waterfront,

Lingua Translations wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2012! 🙂