Recap of This Week’s Posts

Recap of the week. This week’s posts have been a varied bunch! We have talked about different aspects of translation, interpreting and the alphabet, and we hope you have enjoyed reading about them.

We love writing these posts and offering advice and information to aspiring linguists, as well as discussing common issues that can arise in the industry.

So please do share your knowledge and experience in the comments section if you feel that you can add to the posts.

As always, we look forward to hearing from you!

Here is a reminder of what has been covered this week:

Translating, Interpreting, Communicating: Why We Love Languages!
I reflected on my personal experiences with languages in this post, but we’d love to hear your stories. Why did you choose translation or interpreting? Did they choose you?

Y…for Yankee
The penultimate post in our Alphabet Blog series told the story of the letter Y., the only English letter to be used as both a vowel and a consonant.

Conference Interpreting: The Basics
A run-down of conference interpreting and the skills required for linguists looking to move into this fascinating branch of the industry.

Last and Least, Z
Lauren takes us through the last of our Alphabet Blog posts. Should we stop neglecting the letter z and adopt some American spellings?

Language Translation: Sharing Knowledge Across Borders
Lauren asks “what has translation ever done for us” in this post. Do you have anything to add to the points she made?

We hope you have enjoyed this week’s posts. Have a great weekend everyone!