Simultaneous Interpreting

This type of interpreting is used in different situations such as Conferences, Meetings, Government etc. and will normally require the need for interpreting equipment such as, ear phones, booths and a fully prepared interpreter.

How Simultaneous Interpreting works

If you are unsure which interpreting service is for you then this is an easy 4 step guide to show you how Simultaneous Interpreting works. It is often called Conference interpreting as well, just to confuse you. Picture an interpreter in a booth listening to the speaker and relaying what is said into a microphone so people with headsets (the audience) can understand what is being said in their language. Here are the steps and if this isn’t quite right for you then try looking at Consecutive interpreting or maybe telephone interpreting?


The source language speaker speaks


The interpreter (normally in a booth) relays the interpretation (normally via a microphone)


The message is relayed to the target language listeners (often via earphones)


As the message is being relayed and understood, the source language speaker speaks again and the process starts again.


We provide the booths, headsets and all equipment together with a technician to be available on site from start to finish.


The interpreter(s) will often be provided with information prior to any event so they are fully informed of all expectations

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