The increased use of social media has coincided with the decline in the use of traditional media such as radio and press. In traditional marketing (print, radio and television ads present a product to you and your participation is passive. Via Social Media, marketing is interactive.

The number of people who have a profile on social networks has increased by 16% worldwide.

Why is this important?

It gives you a great opportunity to turn yourself and your business into a leader rather than a follower. With the vast amount of information generated within social networks, you can learn new things about your sector or identify new trends, people who require services from you can get in contact from anywhere in the world, at Lingua Translations we use social networks as a means to advertise our services in multiple languages, we are present on:

Twitter (@planetLingua Translations)
Facebook (Lingua Translations)
LinkedIn (Lingua Translations)
Youtube (Start-up stories: Lingua Translations ; Lingua Translations – meet the directors.mpg)

There are of course more social networks than just the mainstream ones and these include many that are in different languages. Is there a social network in your language that you think would be useful for promoting your business or marketing your services?

Social networks are of great importance for businesses. The only way to be part of a strong social network is contributing, contributing to its growth and taking into account that just the other side of the screen there is a person like us.

For more information on ways to promote your business in other countries including website translation, please visit our translation page.

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