♥ The month of love and romance has come! ♥

I bet some of you just go with the flow without really knowing why we celebrate this holiday. Well, here’s a short explanation:

Back in the year 270, the Roman emperor Claudius II prohibited marriage, on the grounds that recently married men refused to go to war. So a priest called Valentine started to perform secret marriages, until he was discovered and ordered to be executed. While he awaited his execution in prison, he fell in love with Julia, the prison warden’s daughter. She was blind, but eventually recovered her sight thanks to a miracle attributed to the love of the priest. Valentine was executed on the 14th February, and since then, the legend has continued. Before his death, the priest wrote a love letter to Julia, and signed it “from your Valentine.” And so began the tradition, and people continue to exchange cards expressing their love on this day.

Romantic, huh?

This holiday is celebrated around the world, but of course, as there are different cultures; therefore, there are different ways to celebrate it. This week will be dedicated to Asian countries. We will learn about how Asians from different countries celebrate this special holiday. We will hear about experiences and stories from our translators, some Valentine’s vocabulary in the respective languages and of course, how this day is celebrated.

Watch this space if you either like this season of love or if you’re just curious about St. Valentine’s Day around the world!

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