A good start in overcoming language and cultural barriers is website translation and localisation.

Recent research suggests that overseas growth is set to overtake domestic growth by four times as much. There is so much potential for increased revenues, but in order to market to your target audience you need to start somewhere. After all, each culture has different perceptions and beliefs and so whatever you are trying to reach out to them needs to be tweaked in order for them to fully benefit from your product and understand what you are trying to do.

According to research undertaken by the Common Sense Advisory, a massive 56% of customers said that language is more important than price when comparing products online…need I say more! More and more business is done online, and so your homepage is the most important page in attracting new customers.

Website translation and localisation can be expensive, and this a common reason why companies do not have any interest in going down the translation and localisation route. But the benefits can be second to none. At Lingua Translations we provide high quality translations and if you are realistic with us about your budget, we will do our best to negotiate the best price for you with our experienced linguists.

Still out of the question? A cost effective way of targeting international audiences is to do a step by step translation and localisation. This could be something like translating only the headlines of your web pages into a variety of languages and then fill the gaps in over time once you have made a return on having these translated. Attracting customers to your homepage can be the most difficult, but the most beneficial way of increasing your revenue.

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The benefits of choosing a professional translation agency to undertake this work for you is that your employees can continue with their day job and all you need is under one roof. At Lingua Translations, we can also check over the final uploaded translated and localised material before your website goes live, as part of our service.

Website translation and localisation gives your company a competitive advantage that a single language website will not!