Are you planning on escaping this year’s endless rain? Then if you’re planning a road trip or adventure consider our telephone interpreting service.

The rain has barely stopped in Britain this year, and Brits are desperate to go off to pastures new in search of sunshine this summer. And what better way to escape than on a road trip?

With so many budget airlines, our generation has become accustomed to hopping on a plane for a cheap holiday, but we’ve all heard the stories from our parents, aunts and uncles about how they explored Europe by car back in their day. So what’s happened to our sense of adventure?

Who needs baggage allowance, long queues and early check-in when you can fill your car with all you need and more?

You could be winding around the roads of the Col de Turini in the south of France, the San Bernadino Pass in the Swiss Alps, or sailing through the deserted roads from Davos, Switzerland to Stelvio in Italy.

We have ferries, and even a train which take us and our cars over (or under) the English Channel to neighbouring France, where we can hit the open road and explore the rest of Europe. Admittedly, this may not be the quickest or cheapest form of transport, but it gives you a sense of freedom which you don’t get from scheduled trains and aeroplanes.

And if Europe seems too close to home, you could always try somewhere further afield and rent or buy a car when you get there. Or maybe take some inspiration from Urvashi Gulia’s debut novel ‘My Way Is The Highway’. Manki, the main character sets off in her jeep from Delhi to the Himalayan mountains, hundreds of miles away. The author based the novel on her own travels and her adventures on the open road.

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As simple and carefree as these plans sound, if you’re planning on travelling from country to country you may hit some linguistic problems on your way. For example, hiring a car, getting pulled over by the police, finding accommodation. This is where telephone interpreting could prove vital, especially if you become stricken in a foreign country and struggle with the language.

Our telephone interpreting service just requires you to get in touch in advance, we’ll set you up with an account and you’ll have total peace of mind that if you encounter any difficulties then our telephone interpreting experts are on hand to help you out.

Why not sign up to Lingua Translations Talk, our 24/7 telephone interpreting service, before you go?

With access to over 200 languages, you’ll never hit linguistic barriers!