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If you are looking for an instant human professional interpreter then you are in the right place. This service is available to you right now, all you have to do is contact us and tell us what you need. Then this will happen:


1. We will take your details
2. We will give you a unique pay-as-you-go account number and telephone number to access the service (there are no set up costs or subscription). It is all very easy!
3. You call the number, provide your account number and say which language you require
4. You are connected to your instant interpreter


Lingua Talk is the chosen telephone interpreting service to global companies such as Thomson Holidays and First Choice Holidays and not-for-profits like Language without Limits, who provide telephone interpreting for existing charities.


Our professional telephone interpreting service is accessible from anywhere in the world. Our network of 3,500 professional interpreters are available 24/7, 365 days a year in over 150 languages, ready to take your call. Whether you’re on business in Brazil or a tourist in Thailand, our simple, easy-to-use service can help you, wherever you happen to be.


Telephone interpreting is a mode of interpreting that is becoming ever more popular as businesses seek to expand globally.

It is a service that enables speakers to communicate across language barriers and cultural divides when the speakers are unable to meet face-to-face, as is increasingly the case. Telephone interpreting services can be invaluable in a wide variety of professional and individual situations, but are most commonly used for overseas business negotiations and conversations with international commercial partners.

As with any interpreting situation, telephone interpreting requires highly skilled, trained and experienced linguists who are able to convey a source language message into the target language without losing any of its original meaning. These are the interpreters that Lingua Translations prides itself on providing.


Privacy and Non-Disclosure


We understand that the content of many of your calls will be confidential, and that ensuring your privacy will be of paramount importance when you are looking for a telephone interpreting service. A new and faceless person being introduced into your conversation obviously can raise doubts over the confidentiality of the call. At Lingua Translations Talk, we ensure that all of our interpreters sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before they are permitted to carry out an assignment. This way, you can rest assured that whatever is said between yourself and your listener will remain between you and nobody else.


“The service offered by Lingua Translations Talk provides us with instant translation for every destination we travel to, and has proved invaluable.” – TUI Group


Why should I use Lingua Translations Talk?


One of the main benefits to using our telephone interpreting service is the cost. In a normal interpreting situation, the interpreter would be paid on an hourly basis, depending how long their presence is required at an event, regardless of the time they actually spend interpreting. In a telephone interpreting scenario, the interpreter will generally be paid for each minute of the phone call and obviously will not require payment for travel time or expenses.


The flexibility of telephone interpreting also makes it more appealing to many customers, as our telephone interpreters can be contacted 24 hours a day! This makes Lingua Translations Talk ideal for anybody looking for a quick and easy interpreting service at any time of the day or night.


What is a telephone interpreting session with Lingua Translations Talk like?


The mode of interpreting most often used with Lingua Translations Talk is consecutive interpreting. This is where the speaker and the interpreter take it in turns to speak. You should therefore be aware that during a telephone interpreting session, your conversation will take place at a slower pace because you will have to pause intermittently to allow your interpreter time to translate your message.


Our interpreters are completely fluent in both languages and will therefore translate for both sides over the phone. Nevertheless, interpreting is still a highly complex task and you must be conscious of the interpreter’s presence in your conversation. You must make sure you speak slowly and clearly (but try not to be too slow or take unnatural pauses because this will hamper the interpreter’s ability to translate the conversation naturally).


Although our telephone interpreting service is highly useful in many situations, you must also remember that there are certain limitations on the interpreter when interpreting over the phone. In an ordinary interpreting situation, the interpreter would be able to see both speakers and make judgements based on body language, for example. In a telephone interpreting scenario with Lingua Translations Talk, interpreters have to judge tone of voice to convey an accurate target language rendition of the source language. That said, all of our interpreters are experienced in interpreting over the phone and telephone interpreting is a highly useful and relatively simple process.


Whatever your needs we have a solution!


We pride ourselves on the quality of our interpreters. Our professional and specialist interpreters are native speakers of their language and are degree qualified with at least 5 years’ professional interpreting experience. We work with local interpreters all over the globe and all our interpreters sign full non-disclosure agreements before carrying out any work for you.