Thank you Lingua TranslationsOne year ago, fresh back from Spain and keen to immerse myself in a language environment, I began an internship at Lingua Translations. Starting as an Administrative Assistant, I got the chance to dip my toes into various areas of the business, before soon realising that Project Management was where I belonged! At the end of the internship I was thrilled when Sharon offered me a permanent position as a Project Manager at Lingua Translations, which I, of course, gladly accepted!

I’ve had a great time working with everyone at Lingua Translations. Estrella and Lauren have been great Operations Managers and have supported me throughout my time here. Michela, Laura, Maria and Alex have been brilliant to work with, and together we’ve formed a pretty good team. Thanks to all of you, it’s been lovely working (and partying!) with you! Thank you also to Terry for being on hand to advise us and for supplying the office with chocolate!

Another part of the team who I won’t forget is the freelance translators and interpreters. Project Management can be a tough job when you have lots of projects with tight deadlines, but this job is made so much easier and enjoyable with hard working and reliable freelancers!

Finally, a big thank you to Sharon for giving me this opportunity and welcoming me into your company. Over the past year I’ve gained valuable skills and a broad understanding of the translation industry. To add to this, I’ve worked with a fantastic team of in-house staff and freelancers and I’m coming away with some great friends!

It has been an absolute pleasure working with all of you!

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