Don’t risk using inadequate legal translation services!

Legal translation services have to navigate what can prove to be a minefield for an inexperienced translator. As I mentioned in my blog recently, many of the dangers arise from inequivalences in the legal systems of different countries. However, what I didn’t focus on last week was what could actually happen if legal translations go awry.

Loss of money

If you try to save money by using inexperienced translators, and their poor legal translation loses your business money, then you are likely to end up spending a lot more fixing the problem. Better to go to a professional legal translation services in the first place! This will save you a lot of damage. True, most companies have insurance to cover the potential for damages caused by situations such as this. But making insurance claims is generally regarded as a costly and time-consuming process. Plus, even if the insurance covers your losses, financially, is that all that has been lost? What about the inconvenience caused to your company? Not to mention any other parties involved. It will not be worth it! Which brings me to my next point…

Loss of reputation

If you presented a contract in English that was riddled with inaccuracies and spelling errors, your investors and clients would probably be less than impressed. Even less likely to entrust you with their money. So why expect to get away with anything less in a foreign legal translation?


Of course, these two potential consequences are bad enough alone. Never mind if a client or supplier were actually to end up taking action against you! If something is wrong in a contract translation, then your partners could be working according to a completely different set of terms and conditions. Not an ideal situation…

Professional legal translation services such as those offered by Lingua Translations will only be carried out by a native speaker of the target language. The translator will also have a profound understanding of both countries’ legal systems. Make sure you don’t take any chances! If you’ve ever had a bad experience with inaccurate legal translations, why not tell us about it? We would be very interested in hearing from you!

For more information about our legal translation services, please get in touch with a member of the team.