The time at Lingua Translations has provided me with a very useful insight into how a translation and interpreting agency can work.

From the incoming work enquiries, dealing with students and universities in the University Challenge to watching the MD dance the Macarena during one of the Lingua Translations Academy events! I have witnessed a wonderful ‘thinking outside of the box’ attitude here. Apart from reiterating how working in the language industry can be so very varied, it has shown me that anything is possible with the right attitude. Put your mind to something and you can achieve it.

Working as a freelance translator myself, it has been very interesting to witness and experience how project managers work. The task is far more than simply matching up incoming enquiries with suitable translators and interpreters. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to ensure that a good service and necessary assistance is provided to both sides. Submitting the finished project, be it a target text, interpreting assignment or voice-over sound file, can be a great feeling. The journey to the submission date may not have been so easy! Owing to time-constraints, amendments made by clients, etc… but this simply makes the journey more interesting and challenging. No two days are the same in this business!

The work has been made even more interesting due to the multi-cultural office environment. Working with different nationalities is always interesting. The language knowledge together with the translation experience among the team members has meant that we have been able to make informed decisions in our work. Even more, we have been in a position to offer quick checks in our given language, should the need arise. Having a staff of linguists is most certainly of great benefit in such an agency.

Thank you!

I am very grateful to Lingua Translations for giving me the opportunity to spend my internship here! And a big thank you for the knowledge which I have been able to accumulate along the way. I shall miss my new made friends!