Translation is a serious business for us. Effective translation preserving meaning and tone is an integral part of our daily lives.

It is no surprise then, that hearing about one ongoing translation of the Bible caused a riot in our office.

After debating the accuracy and validity of numerous (celebrated and scathed) translations of the Bible, we found ourselves lost for words when presented with Martin Grondin’s translation of the Bible: The LOLcat Bible translation.

LOLcat Bible Cover

Grondin presents his Wiki project: LOLcat Bible

Those who spend little time trawling the internet recreationally may ask, what is a LOLcat? The Collins Dictionary define a LOLcat as: an electronic image of a cat typically in a humorous pose and accompanied by a short message in the eccentrically spelled English used in many internet chatrooms, forums, etc. According to (the ever reliable) Wikipedia, the LOLcat can be traced as far back as 2005. The phenomenon has continued to evolve and increase in popularity.

The LOLcat Bible translation is a Wiki project founded in 2008 by Martin Grondin. Internet users voluntarily contribute sections of the traditional Holy Bible translated into LOLcat language. Contributors have access to guidelines for translation and even a glossary of terms! For the LOlcat novice, a guide to speaking LOLcat is also available. So popular, has the LOLcat Bible translation proved to be, that fans can now buy a hard copy from Amazon!


LOLcat Genesis

LOLcat bible: Genesis: Ish Meow

Common LOLcat terms from the LOLcat glossary:

Earth- Urf(s)

God- Ceiling Cat

Satan- Basement Cat

Blessing- Cheezburgrz

 Drawing parallels to religious belief in literature is not a new phenomenon. The readership of Terry Pratchet will be familiar with Arnold Bros (1905),from the “Book of Nome” in his early publications.

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But has Grondin stepped too far to be in good taste ? Is the LOLcat Bible translation blasphemy or hilarity? Or is it just the height of internet banality?

We’d love to hear what you think! (Not formed an opinion yet? Follow the links below for more food for thought!)