by José Antonio Martinez Aviles

I am a 21 year old Spaniard, and I am part of “the lost generation”.

We have acquired this title because soon there will be no trace of us in our own country as so many of us have left to seek a better future elsewhere, which Spain cannot offer us at the moment.  Spanish Translation 232 × 174

In my case, I have moved to the Welsh city of Swansea. When I finished my studies in Trade and Marketing I decided that I wanted to do work experience in a foreign country because, not for want of trying, I could not see any future in Spain.

Following some teething problems with the original company I was supposed to work with, Sharon Stephens allowed me to spend the following three months doing work experience with Lingua Translations, and I managed to secure a part time job in a restaurant as a waiter.

My plans for returning to Spain are still not clear because, as much as it pains me not being with my friends and family, I cannot stand the idea of becoming part of the 50% of young unemployed people in my country. For young people in Spain there is no hope and they are having to leave the country in search of work as there is no future in Spain at the moment.

I do not know much about how to govern a country, I guess it must be a very difficult task, but you just have to open your eyes and look around to see that something is wrong. Politicians never cease to proclaim the importance of education and they keep reminding us of failures in the school system, but I ask you, who remembers the young people who have done everything that was expected of them, who have studied for professional qualifications, degrees, masters, languages …? Some people, quite rationally, believe that if there are no jobs we may as well continue studying, but does an additional degree guarantee future employment …?

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How can you motivate future generations to grow if the current generation is called “lost”?

Remember that there is a generation of young Spaniards who are prepared for the future. We are not the “lost generation” but we do feel like the “forgotten generation”.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lingua Translations for giving me the opportunity to develop professionally in this company, as this is the first push I needed in order to take this important step in my life.


Keep an eye out next week for Gema’s viewpoint on the situation in Spain!